With all of these emotions I sit here thinking,

With all of these emotions
 I sit here thinking,
 My eyes
 They're barely blinking.
 Remembering your flawless face and the way you laugh,
 How much I love you
 Don't know the half.
 The way I feel while holding your body close to mine,
 The feelings I get
 A totally new kind.
 How I get giggly and warm when I'm near you,
 There aren't many things that are perfect
 But you...
 Are absolutely the greatest
 And most beautiful girl I know,
 If there were any way
 Concerning my love for you
 To show...
 To you
 Just to make sure you understand
 How I feel while holding your hand,
 And how I feel when our lips touch,
 A romantic kiss means so much.
 Me loving you is something that will never change,
 When thinking about you
 My mind is estranged.
 So I'm taking a little time
 To try to make a sweet little rhyme,
 To say one thing
 Thank God for having a destiny for us two,
 I am so in love with you.