Thinking about you every moment of day

Thinking about you
every moment of day
thinking of something
i could say
to tell you how much
i love you so
if i could
i just don't know
i love you so much
its so hard to explain
but i do and it
drives me insane
to have you not
and to feel this way
its real hard
i miss my babe.
you my love
are my everything
my light my world
my dream my sweet girl.
i love everything about you
everything and more
i love the lil' things you do,
which i so much adore
never will i find anyone
close to you
never will i ever want
to replace you,
you forever
thats my need
don't want it any other way
ill beg on my knees
cause it hard enough
not having u now
but in my heart
your safe and sound
you my dear
my hug bear
everything i love about you
i swear
and if true love
feels this way
then I'm drowning in a pool
of it everyday.
i miss you my love
wishing your were here
so i could whisper one thing
into your ear
that would be so true
i would say that i
forever love you.