Sometimes I wonder Was it all just a lie..??

Sometimes I wonder
Was it all just a lie..?? 
Did I really surrender..?? 
Can’t help but cry.. 
Why.. ?..Why can’t I put you behind..?? 
I don’t wanna be hated, 
Just ‘cuz some like you took over my mind.. 
Why was this feeling created..?? 
Why can’t you be passionately hated..?? 
Maybe this is all just a dream, 
And one night I’ll awake with a scream.. 
Forget it all, 
And start living in and for the moment.. 
For people like y’all.. 
Now its time for this to end, 
Lets just go back and pretend.. 
Live a lie, 
Just to see people smile...and make less of them cry…