my life has ended, my heart has stopped.


life goes on, 
so thats what they say.
as long as your heart, 
still beats away.
but my life has ended, 
my heart has stopped.
its no longer beating, 
it just had to drop.

i fell for the lies, 
like all the time.
you told me you loved me, 
and that you were mine.
but now that your gone, 
and your lies disappeared.
i can finally be me, 
and be forever cleared. 

my life is good, 
my life is great.
without you here, 
i'll set my life straight.
i will always miss, 
the way you used to laugh.
the way you could, 
make me smile when im sad.

i will always love you, 
and forever care.
i wont ever forget, 
the times we shared.
but its not enough, 
to go back again.
cause this time
it really is the end.