I pray that, all her dreams may come true

My Mother

I see sadness in the eyes of a woman,
Who tries hard to smile, whenever she can.
Sometimes she cries with her lips held tight,
Trying to control herself,with all her might.
At times she's filled with so much enthusiasim &
Flowery bloom,
I think with her one laugh, she can lighten the room.
I have never thought of angels,up above,
Are they more beautiful than a mother's love.
My friend, my guide, more than my heart & soul,
Ahe was the one who kept me warm in the darkness of
She's my love,my eyes & the one holding my hand,
She's my desert of heaven & i am her sand.
I wish i could give her all the happiness of the
A song with unique lyrics,which she never had heard.
Whenever i have hugged her,there is a feeling to never
let go,
I wish i could sleep on her lap every other day or so.
I can never forget the day when i was getting married,
Tears dampening her cheeks & many unspoken words.
The first time she picked my son in her hands,
Her eyes were filled with remarkable twinklem,while
She kissed my forhead.
Her tears are more than pearl for me,
That only my eyes can see.

I pray that, all her dreams may come true,
My life dedicated to her, with a card sayin 'i love you'.