Have you ever missed someone?

Have you ever missed someone?
And wanted them so bad,
That every day you feel like breaking,
Into a million blades of sand,

Have you ever felt so cold,
That you tremble from within?
Your heart just feels like breaking
And you just want to give in.

Have you ever wanted to collapse,
And disappear with the setting sun?
Never to rise again,
Knowing that they have won,

I try to make sense of this,
To understand why I hurt,
Yet my smiles gone,
My tears are fresh,
And I’m the one that’s torn,

What I would give to just talk to you,
To hear your sense of reason,
It’s almost as if seeking advice from another,
Is the biggest form of treason.

I just want you,
I’m a mess without you here,
My eyes are shut, my body numb,
My heart is full of fear,

And as I stare up at the sky,
Your face keeps looking back,
I’m not perfect, I know I am not,
It’s feelings that I lack,

Yet none of that all matters,
When I am looking into your eyes,
The world is dark and brooding,
Just tell me this is not just lies,

Because in the end I never want,
For us to say goodbye.

Because right now,
It’s safe to say,
I am a mess,
But I am alive,

I just miss you,
More than I can describe